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'Cookies' and a Quiz!

I wrote this short story in ten minutes during the January meeting of the Uxbridge Writers' Circle. The challenge was to write a piece with 'cookies' as the prompt.

I follow it with the first (and perhaps only?) Meg Sheppard Mystery Series Quiz.

It's a mini (and easy peasy)! And some of the 'questions' aren't really questions!


When Granny May opened the kitchen door, Charlie had his grubby fingers in the cookie mix. Rather than yell at the poor child, she scooped him off the counter and embraced him.

"Sorry, Granny."

"Don't you worry. I can mix some more. Want to help?"

Granny May scraped out the bowl into the compost, washed it out, and started again, this time with Charlie's help. The boy was a pathetic figure as he knelt on the counter stirring the thick batter as best he could with a large wooden spoon.

Granny May felt intense guilt and remorse as bruises of multiple colours revealed themselves between the boy's t-shirt and shorts.

"These will be the best cookies ever," Granny May said as she placed rounded balls of dough on the baking sheet. She hugged Charlie and told him everything would be okay now. But she didn't tell him she and Grandad had buried his abusive parents - her daughter and her partner - in the cellar.

The regret Granny held in her heart for what the child had been through brought tears to her eyes.

"Why are you raining? Charlie asked.

"These are tears of happiness," she lied. "Because you'll be staying with us forever."

"Will we always have cookies?"

"Yes, we'll always have cookies."

Copyright Vicky Earle 2023

Meg Sheppard's Mystery Quiz

Hint: a few of these are clues to the names of characters.

  1. In which country was Meg born?

  2. What's the name of Meg's beloved dog?

  3. What's William's profession?

  4. Barrel maker.

  5. What Happened to _____?

  6. My story but zero goes east.

  7. The backwards donkey is added to a mixed-up lime.

  8. An expanded bill.

  9. The first six of ice lolly goes to the dog.

  10. Which horses have retired to the farm?


  1. England.

  2. Kelly.

  3. Lawyer.

  4. Cooper (the house cat).

  5. Frank.

  6. Mystery.

  7. Melissa.

  8. William.

  9. Collie.

  10. Eagle and Bullet.

1 Comment

Jan 21, 2023

Oooh creepy story!

And are you testing me for dementia?! I struggled with one “easy peasy” question 😂

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