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'The Scarf' and Pics Starring a Beautiful Racehorse in Action!

This is Mimi (racing name Prized Spirit) waiting for her rider when we visited on Saturday. She's trying to be patient! We think she's beautiful!

There are two videos and more information about her after my story.

This story was written a few years ago. It's another word challenge piece and the words I had to use are in italics. I hope you enjoy it.

The Scarf

The deep notch in the rough bark of the maple tree is an eyesore. Melanie can’t bear to look at it, but it’s hard not to because the tree grows in her backyard. The wound is ugly and weeps sticky sap down the tree’s trunk, just like the tears running down her hot cheeks. The damage to her beautiful tree stands as a symbol, a stabbing reminder of what went wrong with her life.

A life that once had been full of promise, hopes, and dreams—dreams of marriage to a man who cared about her as a person—dreams of escape from the controlling domination of her parents. She and her husband would build a home together and live happily ever after.

        Once engaged, she believed their love could endure any adversity thrown at it, but, looking back, she sees that it took very little for her plans to start to unravel—a scarf.

She’d woven a scarf on her loom with lovingly-selected colours, using a pattern that brought them into play in an artistic and pleasing way. She’d planned on posting photographs of the scarf on her blog and adding them to her binder—which she’d packed with samples and pictures to show potential customers.

But Simon hated the scarf and hadn’t even attempted to show appreciation for it. He chucked it down the wrought-iron spiral staircase onto the floor of the foyer in his parents’ house on the day when his mother had laid on a birthday lunch for him. He’d told Melanie that he couldn’t understand what made her think that he wanted a scarf. He wouldn’t be seen dead in one, and she should know these things.

His outburst should have set off alarm bells, but Melanie is sensitive to the fact that each person’s taste in art can be vastly different. And she considered the scarf to be a work of art. She retrieved it and stowed it in a box in her closet.

Although she didn’t realize it at the time, the worst part of the episode wasn’t the rejection of the scarf. Through what Melanie had thought was harmless chit-chat with Simon’s mother during the birthday lunch, her passion for weaving came out. She’d not shared this with Simon. She’d not shared much, or any, of her hopes, dreams, and loves with Simon, but she knew everything about him. Had she ever really talked to him? Had he ever truly listened?

Simon’s mother had asked about the loom, how large it was, how much noise it made, and how much space her weaving took up.

A few days later, she and Simon watched as large wrecking equipment lumbered and rumbled on the lot they’d bought. The old clapboard bungalow had been slated for demolition that day and Simon was excited to see it go down, shattering to pieces. But Melanie couldn’t help wondering who’d lived there, what their hopes and dreams had been, and what joys and happiness they’d had in their lives. Something about the bungalow appealed to Melanie. It was innocent and humble and held treasured memories.

Simon hadn’t been able to talk for a while because the noise had been too loud as walls collapsed in front of them. And he was too excited to speak.

But, when the noise subsided, he told her that, of course, she couldn’t have the loom in their new house. There wouldn’t be enough space for such a large thing, and besides, he couldn’t possibly put up with the racket from all the clicking and clacking.

She turned away from him just as the bulldozer started to flatten the backyard. Its blade hit the maple tree, making its leaves tremble. She felt an immediate kinship with the tree and her insides quivered as she scanned the devastation in front of her and absorbed the reality of the kind of man who stood next to her.

She watched the maple tree settle and realized there was no love in her relationship with Simon and what was most important to her was the freedom to be herself.


She has gained full ownership of the property and has permission to park a house trailer on the lot while she diligently saves towards the construction of a house. She plans to build a small, unpretentious clapboard house, similar to the one Simon watched being destroyed with so much glee.

She wipes the tears from her face. At least she’ll have her own castle where she can weave new hopes and dreams with warm colours and soft textures—and make as much noise as she wants.

Vicky Earle Copyright 2024

A Beautiful Racehorse!

We admit we are biased, but we believe Mimi (Prized Spirit) is a beautiful chestnut filly! We are so fortunate and grateful to be in partnership with Foxcroft Racing in her ownership.

On Saturday, we visited Mimi and Woodbine Racetrack and were able to watch her stretch her legs on the track.

Her trainer, Darwin Banach, is carefully conditioning her so that she builds strong bones and tough ligaments that will support her once she's ready to race. She'll need fitness and stamina to support her once she competes.

She's two years old and has a lot to learn about racing including running with other horses, changing leads (which foot lands first), where the finish line is, how to be patient in competition, how to load into the gate without stress and how to pick up a gallop as soon as the gate opens- and so much more!

The first video is of Mimi having just come out of the tunnel that leads to the track and the second one shows her warming up before her main gallop. Darwin explained that young racehorses must be properly warmed up before galloping.

I didn't catch the gallop- my fingers were so cold that I couldn't make my phone work. Perhaps next time!

With two-year-olds, it's never a sure thing that they will race in their first season. Some horses don't reach the required fitness, or need a rest, or get injuries that need healing time, so they don't make it to the races until they're three. Whatever is best for Mimi is fine with us.

Here are the video clips:

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