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'Sewage' and Our Retired Broodmares!

You probably guessed it! The prompt for this month's ten-minute on-the-spot writing challenge during the Uxbridge Writers' Circle meeting was 'sewage'!

(What would you have written? Why don't you have a try?!).

Below the very short story are a couple of photos of our two retired broodmares and a little information about them.


Jane couldn't believe the stink. She had to shut all the doors and windows. She sprayed Febreeze which made the dog sneeze. The cat scurried under the bed.

Jane was used to the scents of country living, some pleasant and some not so much: cow manure, fresh-cut hay, skunk spray, mown grass, stagnant water, and rain on the patio. But this was not on the list.

She phoned Brenda next door. Brenda knew everything that was going on in the neighbourhood. Without any small talk, Jane got straight to the point.

"Brenda, what's making the stink?"

"I don't want to talk right now." It sounded as if Brenda was literally holding her nose. She hung up.

The next person to call was Tom.

Tom laughed.

"Are you laughing or crying, Tom?"

"Laughing. I know it's awful, but it's so funny."

"How can something like this disgusting stench be funny?"

"Well, you know Brenda's husband pumps septic tanks?"


"And he drinks. You know that, right?"


"Well, he was loaded and decided he should pump their septic tank."


"It wasn't okay. He messed up and their house is sprayed with sewage. you know, shit."

"Oh no. That's not funny, Tom."

"Oh yes, it is."

"No. I bet Brenda will finally kick him out."

"Perhaps she will and he'll be no loss."

"I hope she gets him to clean up the mess first because I'd like to open my windows."

Vicky Earle Copyright 2024

Our Beautiful Retired Broodmares!

Lions Raw is 27 years old (she will be 28 next month). She has Cushings Disease. It is an endocrine disorder that occurs in over 20% of aged horses.

The most common symptom is a long, curly coat that doesn't shed properly in the spring.

There are several other unpleasant symptoms including excessive drinking and urination, laminitis (causing lameness), sweating, muscle mass loss, and others.

We have been giving Lions Raw Pergolide and painkillers, and (please touch wood) she is doing well on these medications. You might notice she looks a bit 'hairy' in this photo which I took recently. But her coat is much better since she's been on the medication. She eats well and enjoys being outside.

Her mother was the first horse we fully owned. She was bought as a yearling thirty-five years ago. We raced her and then decided to breed her. Lions Raw's father stood at Windfields Farm, and was called War Deputy.

Lions Raw was a very successful racehorse and also a wonderful broodmare.

This is her 21-year-old daughter, I'm a Cheetah (she will turn 22 next month).

She was placed in a Stakes Race and we had high hopes for her, but she developed a neurological condition. We had her examined at the Ontario Veterinary College Clinic, but there was no conclusive diagnosis. We were advised that she should not be ridden.

We weren't sure how she would handle pregnancy, but she did well. We have noticed no symptoms since she was retired from racing.

I'm Dashing is her foal and he is racing in Alberta.

I'm a Cheetah is great company for Lions Raw. They have lots of wonderful pasture (roll on Spring!), carrots with their feed morning and evening, free-choice hay, heated water, and access to shelter at all times.

We hope they're enjoying their well-deserved retirement!

Thanks for reading this post!

Please share. Thank you.

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Feb 14

I’d rather like to join your mares! Sounds like heaven!

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