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Mini Story; and Music!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

This is a story I wrote 'on the spot' during an Uxbridge Writers' Circle meeting - we had a ten minute time-limit! There was a prompt for this story, but I couldn't find the photo or one that was similar - of people participating in a horseback riding vacation.

I follow with some musings on the benefits of music.


George gazes out of the huge picture window across the green rolling hills towards the large lake. So many memories.

A couple of decades ago he would have been leading a group of novice riders along the trails which meander around and up and down the undulating landscape. It's that time of year when the tourists come to spend a week or two in the saddle. He chuckles to himself as he recalls how nearly all of these neophytes handled the first day. Despite instructions on clothing and preparation, and despite the rest periods with stretching and massaging, nearly all would be so stiff they could hardly get off the horse at the end of the day, and would hobble, bow-legged, into the ranch house.

He sighs. He has disappointments. His son got tired of running the business after a couple of years: he has plans to get rich quick. This life was too much like hard work. His daughter thinks herself to be above it all, having landed a fancy job in the city. Her high heels get stuck in the dirt on this ranch. He sighs again.

He has to sell, but it isn't what his heart wants to do. He gets up with effort and pushes the walker into his study. He opens up his business accounts on the computer and pulls out financial records from his filing drawer.

A couple of hours later he is resolved. He's going to hire Joe to manage the business and he, George, will oversee. To hell with his children.

The old man's not dead yet.

Copyright Vicky Earle 2022


The research is unscientific, but I'm sure we're right! We have four radios playing in our barn (in different sections - it's quite a sprawling building). The main reason we introduced them was to deter invaders like raccoon and skunks.

But we believe that it has quite the opposite effect on our horses!

We tune into Classical FM ( - we think the music helps to calm our thoroughbreds. I'm sure the cats like it too. The main radio is in the feed room where the cats' food and water is available. We can honestly say we've received no complaints about the music, and the humans enjoy it was well!

I'm sure many of you have examples of how music enriches your lives and/or helps your sense of wellbeing. I belong to two choirs at the moment. (We wear masks). One of them is Uxbridge Messiah Singers and the other is Monday Morning Singers. If you live in or near Uxbridge, check them out and join us in song!

Performances are coming up!

PS The comments function on my website may not work for all of you because of the way I've had to set it up - long, boring story - so please send me an email with your feedback - thank you!


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1 Comment

Oct 23, 2022

Singing has all sorts of proven therapeutic benefits, both physical and mental, whilst singing in a group has even more impact!

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