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Four Eyes Watching Me!

I know, this is a poor photo! But it's the best I have of Thing One and Thing Two at the moment.

These are the two feral kittens that I adopted into our horse barn. They live in the feed room and won't be let out into the main part of the barn until we install coyote deterrent lights outside. We have three bright motion-sensitive lights, but they're likely not enough to deter the brazen coyotes we have living in our area. We also have large coywolves.

I know a bit more about Thing One and Thing Two since I last wrote about them. I wasn't happy about it, but I had to live-trap them to take them to the vet to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas. Although live-traps do not physically harm the animal, I'm sure it isn't nice to be suddenly trapped. But they are too wild to handle safely, and I couldn't get near enough to them anyway. They do trust me more than they used to, though.

So, I found out that they are both males. Well, they were.

And they appear healthy. They're eating lots of food and drinking well. They use the kitty litter - which surprised me because they spent the first 7 months of their lives loose in a barn.

They are active and playful. They have toys and they also attack the winter mats I recently put down, turn the radio off or adjust the volume, knock things off the windowsill and generally have a great time when we're not around. We see them sitting on the windowsill sometimes, grooming themselves.

I'm not on a mission to tame them because I want them to survive - they need to be alert and wary since we have predators around.

Wish them luck!

I took a break from planning my book launch which is being hosted by Blue Heron Books this Saturday, in order to write this.

Blue Heron is an amazing indie bookstore and calls the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series an "exciting series".

I'm grateful to Blue Heron and am excited about the launch of my 4th book in the series. There will be prizes and treats! Hope to see you there.

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