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Answers to Some Questions!

But first, I must apologize to subscribers to this new website. You've not been receiving notifications of my posts/updates (usually one or two per week).

The settings have now been adjusted, and hopefully you've received notification that this has been posted! (You might want to check out earlier posts too!).

And now to the questions that I was asked by Horse Canada (the link to the article with the answers, is below):

  • What can you tell our readers about your lead character, Meg Sheppard?

  • What inspired the latest mystery novel, Playing with Fire, which is part four in the Meg Sheppard series?

  • The world of Thoroughbred racing is a backdrop to your books; what draws you to this part of the horse industry?

  • What is the plot of Playing with Fire? No spoilers!

  • When did you begin writing novels? And what are your plans for a 5th book?

  • Meg has horses and dogs; how does her love of animals play into the plots of the books?

Link to full article in on-line Horse Canada newsletter:

I hope you enjoy finding out what the answers are!

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