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Won and Lost!! And a Very Short Mystery

I share happy and sad news about Admissible below this brief story.

I wrote this very short piece several years ago. I can't remember if there was a prompt or not, but it was written during a ten-minute on-the-spot writing challenge at an Uxbridge Writers' Circle meeting.

Orange Peel

Maria is singing the Mozart aria she loves as she stands by the grand piano. Of course, Jeremy is accompanying her, although he can't master many of the complex chords and runs. Much to his consternation, he has to admit Maria is the superior musician.

Gladys bursts into the spacious room, her face the colour of flamingo, perhaps from a combination of too much sun and the fury rising inside her.

"You left your orange peel on the kitchen side again, Maria." She yells to be heard over the music. No one pays attention. Maria is singing a beautiful top B flat and Jeremy has mastered one of the most difficult chords.

"I said," Gladys bellows, "you left your orange peel."

"Oh, for heaven's sake," Maria says. She storms out of the large French doors that open onto the expansive stone terrace.

"Why did you have to interrupt?" Jeremy asks, not hiding his disappointment.

"Because I'm sick and tired of waiting on Maria hand and foot. I'm her sister, not her maid."

"She doesn't ask you to do it."

"But this villa would be a pigsty if I didn't clear up and do the chores around here."

"That's your decision then, isn't it?"

They hear a scream. Not being sure who it was or where it came from, they are nevertheless drawn to the cliff's edge.

"Oh, my god, is that Maria on the rocks below?" Gladys asks.

Jeremy can't talk. All that beauty, smashed, gone, forever.

He has a strong urge to push Gladys over the edge. Something tells him that Gladys must be responsible somehow. He looks at her gaunt, rigid body, her tightly cropped mousy hair, and her steely grey eyes which are staring at him. He's so tempted to push her over the cliff. But Maria had screamed. She couldn't have jumped. Someone pushed her and he needs Gladys to help him find out who.

Vicky Earle Copyright 2023


First, the happy news.

Admissible won her race on Friday, August 18. Here's the link:

This was her first win and she did a great job!

We are grateful to Franz Crean and Glenn Morgan who spotted her in Kentucky at the sale when she was a yearling, and appreciate the opportunity to be one of the partners. The other great members of the ownership team are: Wishful Wonder Stable and Foxcroft Racing (in addition to Franz Crean and Glenn Morgan).

We are also thankful for the care and attention Julia Carey provided Admissible as she prepared her for her racing career. We appreciate all the hard work of Julia's team including the exercise rider, the groom, and hotwalkers.

Sahin Civaci gave Admissible a great ride in this race. His experience and persistence paid off!

Here's the sad news.

Admissible was 'claimed'. Many of you will know what this means, but some of you won't.

She was entered in a claiming race because that was the best spot for her competitively. But horses in claiming races are available for purchase at the specified claiming price. Trainers claim horses on behalf of owners and must submit their 'claim' before the race. If there is more than one interested party they draw lots (I don't know the exact process).

We didn't think Admissible would be of significant interest because she'd not won previously. But she had come third in her first race.

She has a great sire: Speightstown who stands in the US. His stud fee is $80,000. This could have attracted potential buyers.

So, if we don't look ecstatic in the winner's circle, that's why.

We are all very fond of Admissible and we will miss her.

We hope she is well cared for in her new home and we all wish her well.

PS Why are there claiming races? In a nutshell: my understanding is that it helps to prevent people from running high performers in low races and taking all the winnings (since they'll likely lose their horse).

PPS Friendly reminder: My books are available at Amazon and at Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge. They will soon be available in the Uxbridge Library as well!

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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2023

She was a fighter at the end of that race! How sad to see her go!

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