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Where Do Ex-Racehorses End Up?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

In Ontario, the lucky ones end up at LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, a registered charity.

This picture was taken when I and my husband attended an open house at LongRun on October 23, 2021. The horses all look beautiful and are obviously given tons of TLC. Even the one with his tongue out is happy!

Currently there are 50 horses on the beautiful 100 acre farm west of Toronto, which is run by a few dedicated staff and several valued volunteers.

The Society finds new homes for as many of the horses as possible after rest and rehabilitation. But horses limited by age or physical issues can find refuge permanently at LongRun.

There are heart-warming stories of horses finding new careers with loving adopting families. Some excel in the show ring while others enjoy the trails or participate in therapeutic riding programs.

I'm so impressed with what this charity does that I've dedicated the fourth book in the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series to LongRun.

My mysteries are set in the wonderful, but often crazy, world of horse racing. I and my husband have many years of experience as racehorse owners and breeders, and appreciate and value the critical role that LongRun plays.

In Playing With Fire, Meg, with Kelly (her border collie dog) at her side, is faced with a tangled mess of murder, fraud, drugs, art, and arson. Some of the story involves a fictitious racehorse retirement organization. You'll realize why I've underlined 'fictitious' when you read the book! (Soon to be released).

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