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Ukraine: How Can I Help?

I know I'm not alone.

Russia's lawless and brutal murder of Ukrainians is breaking my heart.

How can people be that barbaric?

And the bully looks as if he could get away with it.

Well, I hope not.

Because he'll just keep on going.

But I have some hopeful questions:

  • Are there Russian soldiers who don't believe in the fight, and, if so, will they surrender in sufficient numbers to have an impact?

  • Are there too many Russians to be imprisoned who don't support the carnage (assuming they know what's going on), and will their numbers have influence?

  • Are there some Russian oligarchs who have sufficient sway to help stop the war?

  • Are the supplies of arms and soldiers growing (brave foreigners going to help the Ukrainian army) and will that shift the balance?

  • We have lots of intelligent people (I'm not one of them) in the world - surely the brute can be outsmarted?

  • Are our voices loud enough when we all shout "NO!" together, that we can make a difference?

At the very least we can speak up and show we care. We can welcome refugees, we can donate, and we can hope.

We must hope.

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1 Comment

Mar 05, 2022

Well said!!!

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