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Thing One and Thing Two

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

These are the names I've given the two feral 6 month old kittens that have a new home in our horse barn. (Thank you, The Cat In The Hat' by Dr. Seuss for the names!).

Unfortunately, I can't get near them - I haven't tried, to be honest, because I don't want to add to their stress (they are very wild). I don't even know what sex each of them is (I guessed for the piece below).

And I have no photos to share. However, I've copied a couple that look similar.

Departing from mystery stories and books, I wrote about Thing One and Thing Two during our ten minute 'on the spot' writing challenge in our November Uxbridge Writers' Circle meeting.

This is what I wrote (unedited):

Thing One peered down from his safe perch on top of the wall. There was just enough room for his body to fit under the ceiling of the barn. He had not enjoyed the journey. He'd been fooled into entering a trap and been jostled and bumped in the wire cage as he was taken from the farm of his birth in a diesel-powered runabout. He didn't like the acrid fumes or the thundery roar of the engine.

Once he arrived at the new place further north up the road, and the cage was opened, he was too scared to get out despite his loathing of being trapped. He could smell food and water, but food had led to his entrapment, so he clung to the wire. The trap shook and tipped, so he finally let go and leapt up onto the feed bin and onto the cupboards. That's when he saw the space between the top of the wall and the ceiling.

Whenever the woman came in to change the water, put more feed out and to clean out the kitty litter, he glared down at her, his ears flat on his tabby head, and his pupils dilated. He wasn't going to be tricked into trusting her.

Then the trap turned up again. This time with his all-black sister inside. She was content to get out of the trap, but made the same trip.

Thing One made room for Thing Two on top of the wall, under the ceiling.

It took several nights for them to get used to the extraordinary noises and smells that the three horses made. One of them had a stall adjacent to the feed room. She liked to roll and then shake vigorously, but the carrot munching was the loudest.

Thing One and Thing Two could see only some of what was going on.

That's all I managed to write in ten minutes. I'll write some more soon!

In the meantime, check out the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series!

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