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How About Joining a Boycott? And Here's a Teddy Bear Story!

First, the boycott! Many companies have pulled out of Russia.

But some have not.

And this is a way we can help to make a difference, to put pressure on Russia. So, I'm hoping you'll join me in boycotting the businesses that continue to operate there.

I expect this will be updated as more businesses pull out.

I've listed the ones I think could be relevant to us:

  • Burger King

  • Coca-Cola

  • Estee Lauder Companies

  • Hyundai

  • KFC

  • Kia

  • McDonald's

  • PepsiCo

  • Pizza Hut

  • Starbucks

There are more!

PS It was easier for me to find lists of companies that have left rather than of those that continue to do business with Russia. If you find a better source, please let me know.

And now for something completely different!

I wrote this piece in ten minutes during a 'write-on-the-spot-challenge' at an Uxbridge Writers' Circle meeting. I hope you like it!

Teddy Bear

Bev clutched her teddy bear and wouldn't let go.

"You'll have to leave that in the car," her nanny said as she hoisted the little girl out of the limousine.

"I want him to come," Bev said, tears rolling down her cheeks, her bottom lip quivering.

"You don't need him." The nanny snatched the bear and tossed it onto the floor of the black vehicle. She gripped Bev's tiny hand and pulled her away from the door to her father's prestigious club, preparing to walk her to school.

Unbeknownst to her, the driver had the window down. He got out of the car, tall, slim and smart in his chauffer's uniform. He pushed the nanny aside, whisked Bev into his arms and into the front passenger seat, buckled her in and drove off before the nanny fully realized what had happened.

Although Bev was a little afraid of this tall, black guy, she sensed kindness and protection.

James knew it would be a case of 'he said, she said' when he met with Lord Clarence, but he couldn't stand by and watch and hear any more. He delivered Bev and her teddy bear safely to her junior kindergarten class.

He got back into the limousine and contemplated what would happen if he was fired. The more he thought about it, the more likely he believed he would be out of work. A shame. He liked Lord Clarence.

The Lord summoned him later.

Much to James' surprise, he was commended and given a raise. Lord Clarence had suspected some shenanigans had been going on for some time, and had finally planted a microphone in Bev's teddy bear.

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1 Comment

Mar 07, 2022

This is just what I needed to read this morning!!! Thank you x

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