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Climate Change (a Story); and Our Horses

All of us have some understanding of our changing climate and the potential devastation this is likely to cause.

During one of our Uxbridge Writers' Circle meetings, for the 'ten minute on-the-spot' writing challenge, I composed this short piece.

I hope you like it.

(And see below for information on the racehorses we have at Woodbine Racetrack this racing season).

Water, Water, Everywhere

Michael stepped warily into the bobbing boat, concerned that his new suit could end up being ruined by the murky waters sloshing around the makeshift dock. He pondered what Ottawa had looked like before the flood.

The scientists had been right after all. The icecaps had melted and the waters had come, drowning everything in their path. The scientists had the timing wrong though. The melt-down happened within a period of only two years. There was no time.

Parliament Hill had been left high and dry along with the politicians who met within its walls. The waves of panic had subsided, but the waters hadn't. The demands from constituents who lived in temporary shelter on higher ground were growing, swelling, and threatening to unseat yet another government. What to do? Michael sat on the cold, damp seat in the boat and wondered what was the point in attending parliament, in showing up.

A man in a scruffy grey outfit joined him. Cursory introductions revealed that this was Blake Sampson, the scientist who had some crazy ideas about the environment and believed there was something that could be done to stop, if not reverse, the flooding. Michael was skeptical, of course, but Blake's enthusiasm, energy and confidence had him daring to dream. To dream of driving to Parliament Hill rather than motoring there in a decrepit boat.

By the time they'd reached the docks at Parliament Hill Blake had convinced Michael that he had the answers and that Canada would lead the world to better times.

Vicky Earle Copyright 2022

Our Horses

In case you'd like to follow our thoroughbred racehorses, here are their names.

They are all stabled at Woodbine Racetrack.

I'm Dashing: He is a 4 year old and we bred him. We have his dam, I'm a Kittyhawk and hope very much that she will have a foal next spring.

I'm Dashing won 2 races last year.

Chairman Fox: We part-own this 3 year old.

It's a Fluke: We part-own this 2 year old.

Admissible: We part-own this 2 year old.

So, we're excited about this racing season and hope to be at Woodbine to watch a few races this year, and crossing our fingers that we win a few!!

Wish the horses and us luck!!!

If you have questions about the horses/racehorse ownership, don't hesitate to contact me - I'll do my best to answer your queries.

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