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Book Launch a Great Success!

The turnout was great for the launch of my 4th book in the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series.

Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge, Ontario, hosted the event.

Blue Heron is our local indie bookstore and supports local authors like me.

It was a fun time.

The bookmarks and pens flew out of my hands,. I was pleased that they were so well received.

I enjoyed reading some passages from the first chapter 'Fire', as well as meeting readers and chatting.

The cookies were a huge hit: they were decorated with the front cover image of the book.

My husband, Martin, made walnut boxes that the Meg Sheppard Mystery Series fits perfectly into.

There are only a couple left. A boxed set makes a great gift!

A big 'thank you' to everyone who made this event so successful and enjoyable.

I have sent out many 'thank you' emails to those that helped make it happen!

Happy reading!

And now on to book 5!

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